Ken Sibanda is an American Constitutional lawyer and science fiction  pioneer who became the first Africa-born, Black writer to write a Hard  Science Fiction (Accuracy in Physics) Novel, with "The Return to  Gibraltar" in 2011.

A lawyer by training, Sibanda holds a law  degree from the University of London in England, achieved with Honors  and a double Masters in Law, from Temple School of Law in Philadelphia  and California Western School of Law in San Diego, California.

The  son of a political active father with South Africa's African National  Congress - Andrew Sibanda and a nurse: Lucia Taruvinga. He is the  seventh of nine children. 

Sibanda made his directorial debut with the feature film - 1948.

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Return To Gibraltar

In 2011, the publication of "The Return to Gibraltar," marked Sibanda's entry into the science-fiction world.  The story of a Harvard law student who time travels to help the Moors of Spain in 1492 Spain.

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The Return to Gibraltar.

Hannibal the Great

Ken Sibanda's Hannibal the Great

Sibanda is also known for the opera - Hannibal the Great.

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